Perry R. Bass Marine Fisheries Research Center

Palacios, Texas

The research staff at the Perry R. Bass Marine Fisheries Research Station investigate all facets if the biology of marine organisms in order to inform future management decisions. Broadly, the research staff investigates age and growth, maturity, migration, population structure, spatial distribution, mortality, parasitology and ontogeny of m arine species that are of commercial or recreational interest. The research staff include a research director and three research biologists, three fish and wildlife technicians and a laboratory technician, and an administrative technician. The focus of this group is addressing emerging issues related to fisheries management, stock enhancement and changing fisherey regulations. Additionally, this team works closely with the on-site hatchery team to address research questions that have a direct aquaculture/mariculture component. Finally, the research staff at Perry R. Bass coordinates multiple collaborative research efforts with other goverment entities, NGOS, and University partners, as well as particiaptes in the TPWD Coastal Fisheries division fishery-independent monitoring program with a responsibility for sampling in the Cedar Lakes area near Freeport, TX.


Perry R. Bass Marine Fisheries Research Station

Palacios Texas

(361) 972-5483