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Information collection, reporting and research are produced with support from the federal Sport Fish Restoration program.


Current Research Projects

Formation of Annual Increments and Discontinuities in Sagittal Otoliths of Juvenile (≤ age 6) Alligator Gar
Dave Buckmeier and Nate Smith
Origin of Alligator Gar and Use of Fresh, Brackish, and Salt Water Habitats in the Lower Trinity River-Trinity Bay Ecosystem
Dan Daugherty, Dave Buckmeier, Nate Smith, and Kevin Pangle (Central Michigan University)
Population Dynamics and the Modeled Effects of Hand Fishing on a Flathead Catfish Population in East Texas
Kris Bodine, Warren Schlechte, Rick Ott, Dan Bennett, and Jake Norman
Surveys of Texas Hand Fishers, with Implication for Managing Catfish Fisheries
Dan Bennett, Kris Bodine, Rick Ott, Jake Norman, and Warren Schlechte
Reproductive Ecology of Alligator Gar: Relating Environmental Conditions to Year-Class Strength
Dave Buckmeier, Nate Smith, Dan Daugherty, Peter Sakaris (Georgia Gwinnett College), Dan Bennett, and Clint Robertson
Effective Catfish Harvest Regulations for Achieving Fishery Objectives
Kris Bodine, Warren Schlechte, Nate Smith, and Dan Shoup (Oklahoma State University)
Evaluation of Gears and Sample Sizes for Estimating the Fish Assemblage in a River-Reservoir Ecosystem
Warren Schlechte, Paul Fleming, and Nate Smith
Abundance and Movement of Juvenile and Adult Guadalupe Bass in Headwater Streams on the Edwards Plateau
Nate Smith and Paul Fleming
Contribution of River, River-Reservoir Interface, and Reservoir Segments to the Fish Assemblage of the Trinity River-Lake Livingston Ecosystem
Paul Fleming, Archis Grubh, Mike Homer, and Sarah Robertson
Similarities and Differences in Fish Assemblages of River and River-Reservoir Interface Backwaters
Nate Smith, Dave Buckmeier, and Matt Acre (Texas Tech University)
Validation of Annual and Daily Increments in Calcified Structures and Verification of Age Estimates (Book Chapter)
Dave Buckmeier, Pete Sakaris (Georgia Gwinnett College), and Dan Schill (Idaho Department of Fish and Game)
Modeling Effects of Year-class Frequency and Life History on Sport Fishery Metrics
Dan Daugherty and Nate Smith
Relation Between Reservoir Hydrology and Year Class Strength of Sport and Forage Fishes Following Extreme Wet and Dry Years
Nate Smith, Dan Daugherty, and Dave Buckmeier
Seasonal Movement and Habitat Use of Alligator Gar and Striped Bass in the Lower Trinity River
Dave Buckmeier, Nate Smith, and Dan Daugherty
Trinity River Alligator Gar Investigations
Dave Buckmeier and Allyse Ferrara (Nicholls State Univ.) in cooperation with Captain Kirk Kirkland
Validation of Annual Marks on Four Structures Used to Estimate Age of Gar and Retention of Fish Tags
Dave Buckmeier
Validation of Daily Marks on Otoliths of Alligator Gar
Peter Sakaris (Southern Polytechnic University), Dave Buckmeier, and Nate Smith
Comparison of Liberal and Conservative Water Exchange Effects on Water Quality and Channel Catfish Fingerling Production in Hatchery Ponds
Gerald Kurten and Aaron Barkoh
An Evaluation of the Relationship Between Stream Flow and Habitat Availability for the Devils River Minnow Dionda diabolic
Dave Buckmeier, Paul Fleming, Warren Schlechte, River Studies Staff, Tim Bonner, and Sarah McMillan
Guadalupe Bass Restoration Project
Nate Smith and Paul Fleming