Contact Information:

Heart of the Hills Fisheries Science Center
5103 Junction Hwy
Mountain Home, Texas 78058
Telephone: (830) 866-3356
Fax: (830) 866-3549


Heart of the Hills Fisheries Science Center

Located near Ingram, Heart of the Hills is home to the Research Section of TPWD's Inland Fisheries Division. Our research improves fisheries management and explores what is not yet known about fish, their environment, and current and potential anglers. In addition to conducting independent applied fisheries research, we provide guidance and support for projects conducted by our fisheries managers and our hatcheries staff.

From this center, we conduct scientific investigations and provide support and advice to:
father and daughter with fish on line

Identify and recruit new users of fisheries resources

female angler with largemouth bass

Maintain and enhance sport fisheries

researcher at computer monitor

Refine sampling techniques and data analysis

river bend with riffles and wooded bank

Determine habitat requirements, limiting factors, and enhancement techniques for fish communities

Our research aims to conserve aquatic resources and provide better fishing for the people of Texas. The work we do provides valuable knowledge about fish age and growth, behavior, ecology, genetics, and reproduction, Administrators, biologists, and hatchery managers use this information to make strategic decisions affecting fish population assessments, regulations and stockings.