Changing the Position Format on Fish Finder GPS Devices

GPS coordinates can be displayed in different latitude/longitude formats depending on the source or use. It's essential to match the fish finder GPS device position format to the waypoint. If the position formats do not match, the waypoint will display in the wrong location. Decimal degrees are the position format for all fish habitat structures. Please make sure that your fish finder GPS device is set to the decimal degree position format before uploading fish habitat structures.

Common GPS Position Formats

Latitude/longitude is the most used grid and has three different formats. It’s important to note that coordinates use positives and negatives instead of North (N), South (S), East (E), and West (W). For latitude, positive represents N and negative represents S. For longitude, positive represents E and negative represents W. In Texas, latitude is positive (N), and longitude is negative (W).

The example below shows the exact same waypoint (latitude, longitude) written in the different formats:

General Instructions for Changing Position Format

Please review the manufacturers user manual for additional instructions.