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Lake Nocona

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Lake Characteristics

Location: Eight miles northeast of Nocona off FM 2634
Surface area: 1,323 acres
Maximum depth: 80 feet
Impounded: 1961

Water Conditions

Current Lake Level
Conservation Pool Elevation: 827 ft. msl
Fluctuation: Moderate
Normal Clarity: Moderately clear to stained

Reservoir Controlling Authority

City of Nocona
100 Cooke Street
Nocona, Texas 76255
(940) 825-3282

Aquatic Vegetation

Milfoil and floating pondweed

Predominant Fish Species

Lake Records
Stocking History
Latest Survey Report

Lake Maps

None available

Fishing Regulations

All species are currently managed under statewide regulations.

Angling Opportunities
Species Poor Fair Good Excellent
Largemouth Bass       yes
Catfish   yes    
Crappie       yes
White Bass   yes    
Sunfish     yes  
Fishing Cover/Structure

There is standing timber uplake and in Farmers Creek. Although amounts vary, this lake usually has around 100 acres of milfoil and 25 acres of floating pondweed, as well as many boat houses. These features furnish excellent cover for fish. Rip-rap along the dam provides excellent habitat for bass and sunfishes. In early spring and winter, big bass can be caught deep on rocky ledges off the face of the dam.

Tips & Tactics

Nocona is a big largemouth bass lake. It starts in the spring and goes through summer. Spring fish are normally shallow, building nests in the cattails or under boat docks. Tube baits fished slowly can land a big bass. When fishing spawning beds, remember catch and release. She deserves the opportunity to reproduce and after all, she will be bigger next year! Early spring along the dam is a surefire producer. After the spawn, aquatic vegetation starts to grow and bass move out of the shallows to the edges of the vegetation. This is a good time to wacky worm or throw soft jerk baits. On into summer, top water baits and buzz baits will produce lots of action early and late.

Crappie on Nocona are big and can generally be found schooled around the many boat houses and sometimes in the standing timber or up Farmers Creek. Jigs or minnows work. Catfishing for both channels and blues is best in June when the main stream or feeder branches are flowing. In summer, fish crawfish, stinkbait, or liver over windswept flats. Let the wind push your boat along as you keep the bait on the bottom. White bass fishing is best in the spring when they make a run up Farmers Creek. Hybrid striped bass were last stocked in 1997 and may be caught on rare occasions. As with most lakes, sunfish are best caught near the bank around brush or grass, using worms under a cork.