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White-tailed Deer

Hunter With Harvested Whitetail Buck

The first guided white-tailed deer hunts took place in the fall of 1999 and have been held each year since. Success rates on these hunts have been 100% with hunters harvesting 125+ B&C class deer. Because the hunt is held during the peak of the rut, rattling is the preferred method of hunting through the day and has been extremely successful. On a typical 3-day hunt a hunter can expect to see 15-20 different bucks rattled in with most scoring above 120 B&C. But seeing and harvesting a white-tail are two different things.

On this hunt two hunters will enjoy the best the Texas Hill Country has to offer. Full accommodations on the Lake Lodge, top-notch groceries, and personal guides to help you bag the best buck in the pasture. But this is white-tail hunting and there are no guarantees. So come camoed and come prepared!