Attwater's Prairie Chicken

What Can You Do?

Line art of Attwater's Prairie Chicken

Adopt-a-Prairie Chicken is a program that allows you to share in the efforts to restore this beautiful bird on our Texas prairie. By donating to the Adopt-a-Prairie Chicken program you are donating to the zoos that are raising this bird for restoration purposes. All funds donated are transferred to the zoos to offset the cost of raising these birds, to assist in developing new facilities or to allow the development of new vaccines and other tools to enhance survivability of these birds.

Donation form to sponsor an Attwater's Prairie Chicken chick media download(Word 46 KB)
Donation form to sponsor an Attwater's Prairie Chicken Chick media download(PDF 232.7 KB)

Attwater's Prairie chick

Communicate with your family, neighbors and friends about this endangered bird and the need to ensure it continues to survive in Texas. To help with this, all who adopt a bird under the Adopt-a-Prairie-chicken receive an educational package that can be donated to local schools or libraries, presented to family and friends or used in any way they see fit to make others aware of this beautiful bird and the threat it faces. We also have the "Attwater's Prairie Chicken" Brochure media download(PDF 885.1 KB) which you can download for distribution.

Educate those in your community about the pressures this bird faces and the potential for extinction that exists on the prairie today. Staff of the refuges and their partners are willing to talk to groups and organizations that might have an interest in this bird. If you know of a group that might want to assist this program, please contact us and let us know.

For Additional Information write to:

Wildlife Diversity Program
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
4200 Smith School Road
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