Attwater's Prairie Chicken

Suggested Reading

National Geographic Article

Line art of Attwater's Prairie Chicken

In March 2002, Douglas A Chadwick with photos from Joel Sartore, published an article in National Geographic magazine focusing on the plight of the Attwater’s Prairie Chicken and the prairie it needs to survive.

Royce Jurrie’s published a book in 1979 through the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department entitled “Attwater’s Prairie Chicken."

A classic work about this bird was published by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service in 1941. Written by V. M. Lehmann, it is titled “Attwater’s Prairie Chicken; its Life History and Management.

Linda Campbell included the Attwater’s Prairie Chicken in her 1995 work “Endangered and Threatened Animals of Texas” published by U T Press.

For children, Debbie Leland has an excellent account in her 2003 work “the Little Prairie Hen.”

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