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Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is tasked with conducting and overseeing many state- and federally-funded research projects each year. The department is the agent for the distribution of several sources of research funds, each of which has its own requirements.

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    In the interest of open and transparent publicly funded research and as allowed by state statutes and policies, these research results are made available. The specific reports contained herein may have been funded in whole or in part by public funds through the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (Department). As such the performing agency/ies', employees, subcontractors, or subcontractor's employees granted to the Department a nonexclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, enterprise-wide license to use, copy, publish, and modify such Intellectual Property as final reports of deliverables, abstracts and management recommendations, and allow others to do so for Departmental purposes. The performing agency/ies secured all necessary intellectual property licenses from third parties and warranted that its work and the intended use of its work would not infringe upon any property rights of any third party.

    Therefore, all data and analyses resulting from respective research contracts including all information regarding the project are the joint property of TPWD and performing agency/ies. However, in some cases the authors subsequently published their results in peer-reviewed scientific journals whose publishers hold exclusive copyright. When permission was not provided to the Department to publish such reports, viewers are redirected to the publisher's website. All reasonable and prudent effort has been made not to infringe on copyright or any other legal right.

    Any views, opinions or recommendations expressed by authors in the published reports funded through the Department are strictly those of the authors. They do not necessarily reflect or represent the opinions, recommendations or positions of the Department, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission, the Governor or the Legislature. In the interest of independent and objective scientific examination, authors were extended considerable professional latitude and autonomy to interpret the practical implications of their research findings without censure or interference.

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