Urban Wildlife Management

Effects of urbanization on wildlife populations - In general, as we urbanize an area, we change the character and functionality of the land, air, and water. These changes greatly impact local habitats. As these habitats are impacted, a corresponding shift in wildlife populations occurs.

Nuisance wildlife issues - As we urbanize the land, radical changes occur to sources of food, water, and shelter for wildlife. Some animals respond very well to the changes urbanization brings. In some cases, these animals may become a nuisance.

Technical Assistance- Urban Biologists offer technical assistance concerning urban wildlife and urban habitat issues. For more information regarding management of various urban wildlife habitats, click the following links....

Educational Presentations - Urban Biologists conduct educational programs to various groups as time allows. These groups include city councils, planning and zoning commissions, developers, conservation groups, schools, etc. Click to see if there is a local Urban Biologist near you.

Master Naturalist Program - If the projects listed on this page sound interesting to you - The Master Naturalist program is a volunteer training program designed to train citizens to do projects involving our local ecosystems.