North Central Texas Wildlife Management

sketch of whitetail buck
Whitetail buck.

Our purpose is to provide useful information to landowners, land managers, hunters, sportsmen, educators, and the general public about management of wildlife and habitat resources found here in Northcentral Texas. Since almost all land in Northcentral Texas in privately owned, it is incumbent that landowners be informed about proper land and wildlife management to ensure proper management of wildlife and habitat resources for present and future generations. Northcentral Texas includes portions of several Ecological Regions and a wide diversity of habitat types, plant communities, and wildlife species, both game and nongame. Consequently, the quality and quantity of wildlife and habitat resources vary. Current and past land uses continue to influence wildlife populations found in this vast region of Texas.

Texas Parks and Wildlife has a staff of wildlife biologists and wildlife technicians assigned to this 43 county district - Region II, Wildlife District 3 - who help implement the agency's mission - "To manage and conserve the natural and cultural resources of Texas for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations". Our Wildlife Division staff collects annual population data on game birds and mammals throughout Northcentral Texas from surveys for use in setting of seasons and bag limits by the Parks and Wildlife Commission. This information is also used by landowners and managers to determine harvest rates and hunting opportunities. In addition, District 3 personnel conduct research on wildlife species and provide technical assistance to landowners on proper wildlife and habitat management practices.

Information is provided to enable you to access District 3 Personnel that work in your area or county and provide you information and assistance on wildlife and habitat management and other programs. As this web site develops, please give us feedback so we can improve and add other information you need to manage wildlife and habitat in this important part of Texas.

Click for a map of counties covered within this site, as well as information concerning regulations, permits, and public hunting. We also offer several Public Hunting and Wildlife Management Areas - these areas provide hunting and recreational opportunities and, in some areas of the state, are the primary sources of information concerning wildlife and habitat management.

Hunting Regulation Changes please read for updated information about deer hunting regulation changes.