Wildlife Management Permits
  • MLDP:
    • Managed Lands Deer Program

Panhandle Technical Guidance

As well as District Biologist, the panhandle district also has a Technical Guidance Biologist and a Private Lands Biologist. The Technical Guidance Program (TGP) was designed to provide one-on-one wildlife management assistance to private landowners, individual land managers, rural subdivisions, wildlife management associations, and local cooperative groups. The type of assistance provided will be comprehensive and broad in scope.

Type of Landowner Assistance:

In addition the Panhandle district has a Diversity Biologist and a Waterfowl Biologist. These Individuals can assist in the Landowner Incentive Program (LIP) and give specialized wetlands advice for the management of waterfowl species..


Name Title Address Phone
Calvin Richardson District Leader P.O. BOX 659
Canyon, TX 79015
(806) 651-3014