Fish Killed by Golden Alga Blooms

Gizzard shad with hemorrhaging around scales and fins
Gizzard shad. Hemorrhaging around scales and fins is characteristic of golden alga damage. Lake Possum Kingdom, January 2001.

Looking in mouth of freshwater drum
Freshwater drum. Appearance of dying fish during bloom conditions. January 2001.

Largemouth bass showing bloody gills
Largemouth bass. Appearance of gills of dying fish during bloom conditions. January 2001, Lake Possum Kingdom.

dead fish piled near dock
Jackson Bend fish kill

dead fish floating and shoreline vegetation
Fish Kill

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Take Action
  • Report Kills - If you see a fish kill or suspect golden alga, contact TPWD's 24-hour communications centers at 512-389-4848 (Austin).
  • Get the Facts - TPWD has collaborated with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and other entities to produce a golden alga information card. Download a PDF from the TCEQ website or request a free hard copy from TPWD at