2003 & 2004 Golden Alga Projects

In addition to a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service State Wildlife Grant awarded to TPWD, research projects were funded through a Texas Legislature authorization of $600,000 per year for two years (from September 2003 through August 2005) for projects addressing priority needs for the understanding and management of golden alga in Texas. This money was raised through user-based fees, specifically the licenses that fishermen pay to fish in Texas. Projects funded include the following:

Research/Studies Progressing under the State Wildlife Grant number T-14-P:

Research/Studies Progressing under the Texas Legislatively-authorized funds:

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Take Action
  • Report Kills - If you see a fish kill or suspect golden alga, contact one of TPWD's 24-hour communications centers at 512-389-4848 (Austin) or 281-842-8100 (La Porte).
  • Get the Facts - TPWD has collaborated with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and other entities to produce a golden alga information card. Download a PDF from the TCEQ website or request a free hard copy from TPWD at hab@tpwd.texas.gov.