River Studies Program


River Studies is an interdisciplinary river and stream assessment program. Its primary goal is to assure sufficient quantity and quality of water to maintain the natural biodiversity of aquatic ecosystems and their associated wetlands and riparian lands. Program staff work to characterize aquatic ecosystems, evaluate impacts to those systems, and determine water quantity and quality needs to address policy and regulatory issues. Results from long-term projects, such as the Aquatic Ecoregion Project and Regional Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program, provide data from large geographic areas to address broad scale policy and regulatory issues. Data from these projects are also utilized for site-specific assessments.

Staff members serve on the TPWD Water Resources and Water Quality teams, various recovery teams, and habitat conservation plans, among other committees.

Staff also participate in the review of policy, standards, and project assessments associated with water development, water planning, and water quality issues. Educational activities inform the public, decision makers, and others of the need to protect water quantity and quality so that present and future generations can enjoy the natural heritage of Texas.

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