An Analysis of Texas Waterways

A Report on the Physical Characteristics of Rivers, Streams and Bayous in Texas

Published: 09/1974

Prepared by: Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

September: 1974


Senate Bill 11, Regular Session,
As Amended by Senate Bill 7, First Called Session
And Senate Bill 1, Third Called Session
Of the 62nd Legislature

Published by:

The Texas Agricultural Extension Service
Texas A&M University System

* This publication contains information that is more than 30 years old and should be used as a historical reference. Information contained within this analysis is not to be construed as to represent a definition of the publicly owned rivers, streams and bayous in Texas. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department accepts no responsibility, either expressed or implied, for any legal ramifications occurring from the use of this publication by any person for other than waterway analysis purposes.


This publication has been developed to present data concerning the physical characteristics of waterways in Texas. The extensive network of rivers, streams and bayous in Texas has made it impossible to inspect, first hand, all of the sections of waterways covered in this publication. Therefore, no legal assurance can be given that all points of access suggested in this publication are actually open to the public. This information presented was gained from a combination of sources including: Texas Parks and Wildlife field personnel, existing files concerning public water bodies, mail-out questionnaires, field inspections, and interviews with persons knowledgeable of Texas waterways.


Federal Agencies

National Park Service
U. S. Army Corps of Engineers
U. S. Forest Service
U. S. Geological Survey

State Agencies

General Land Office

Regional Agencies

Brazos River Authority
Lower Colorado River Authority
Lower Neches Valley Authority
Sabine River Authority

Conservation Organizations

Boy Scouts of America
Sierra Club
Texas Explorers Club

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