Wildlife Habitat Appraisal for the Proposed Allens Creek Reservoir Site

Prepared by A.Travis Lovelace, Polly Gustafson, Joe Liggio, Ed Vance, L James Lester, Ph.D.
University of Houston Clear Lake, August 31, 1995

Allens Creek Reservoir Location


Several people assisted the University of Houston Clear Lake team members in the execution of this project. We would like to express our appreciation to the following: Bob Lawhn, Glid Galloway, and Alex Barrera (Houston Light and Power) for their help in gaining access to the property, survey techniques, and earlier studies, Dr. Larry Brown for his assistance in identifying plant species, Dr. Guy Cameron and Josh Seamon for access to the University of Houston GIS lab and assistance, and Ray Sanders (City of League City) for access to his GIS lab and his expertise, and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (Al Green and Roy Frye) for general project support and interpretation of the WHAP.