Wildlife Habitat Appraisal for the Proposed Allens Creek Reservoir Site


Figure 2. WHAP Site Locations
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Figure 3. Allens Creek Habitat Cover Type
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Table 1. Acreage of Allens Creek habitat cover types
Habitat Type Acreage
Crops 1,722
Bottomland Forest 2,640
Bluff Forest 90
Grass 3,923
Parks 27
TOTAL in Reservoir  8,403
Forest Below FM 1458 82
Grass Below FM 1458 186

A. Habitat Type Sizes

Figure 2 shows the location of each WHAP site used to compute the WHAP scores. These sites were chosen because they were representative of the entire vegetation cover type. Figure 3 shows a map of the vegetation cover types in the proposed reservoir, and Table 1 displays the acreage for each habitat type and the total acreage for the entire proposed reservoir.

Tables A1 through A6 in the appendix are lists of the plant species identified on the proposed reservoir property, and by WHAP site for each habitat type. These lists, along with discussions of detail WHAP scores in Tables 2 through 7, may assist in developing a mental image of the vegetation at each WTIAP site, as well as for each habitat cover type.

Forests at Allens Creek are classified pecan/elm/hackberry or oak/elm/buckeye. For descriptive purposes, forests at this site are divided in this paper into the bluff forest, the Allens Creek riparian forest, and bottomland forests.