Texas Horned Lizard Watch 10-Year Summary Report


This research has been made possible by the love that Texans have for this unique species. I wish to thank, first and foremost, the volunteers who have participated in Texas Horned Lizard Watch and the landowners who provided access to their property for these volunteers. Special recognition goes to Britton and Gayle Phillips, Beverly Kitzman, and Ed, Linda and Anna Allen, who provided data each year during the first 10 years of the watch program. Appreciation is also expressed to Chip Ruthven and Andy Price for their suggestions in project design and editing of project materials and to Marsha May for her continual assistance in project management and promotion. Funding support for the initial years of the project was provided by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The Horned Lizard Conservation Society has also provided ongoing support in promoting the goals of Texas Horned Lizard Watch.