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Sport Shooters Contribute Millions to Conservation in Texas

Did you know sport shooters are a significant source of funding for wildlife conservation in Texas? New gun ownership continues to rise across the state – spurred by new generations of shooters carrying on a Texas tradition – leading to greater participation in shooting sports and growing funds generated for conservation efforts. Since the implementation of the Pittman-Robertson Wildlife Restoration Act in 1937, and subsequent amendments in 1970 and 1972, sales of firearms, ammunition, and archery equipment used for shooting sports provide more than $9 million annually to wildlife conservation in the state. These funds allow TPWD's Wildlife Division to offer many services that benefit the people, places and wildlife of Texas.

Organizations involved in shooting sports — like the National Shooting Sports Foundation— also play a vital role in state conservation efforts. These organizations bring communities together to support conservation and wildlife access programs and have resulted in billions of dollars donated in recent years.

As long as Texans are preparing for their next hunt, training for home/personal protection, or enjoying target shooting at a range, shooting sports will be a critical force for conservation.