Lake and shore on a sunny dayThe park is in the Black­land Prairie region of Texas.

Prairie plants


Grassland interspersed by woodlands dominate the terrain. Thicker woods grow along water courses and the lake's shoreline.

The park's grasslands are not pristine, due to prior farming and ranching practices. However, they are recovering. Little bluestem and bushy bluestem grasses dominate in some areas.


Oak, eastern red cedar, bois d'arc and Eve's necklace fill the woodlands. Sugarberry, cottonwood, black willow and green ash are more common along the creeks and lakeshore.

Year-round color

Wildflowers and flowering shrubs cover the gently rolling prairie in the spring.

Stands of cedar and mixed hardwoods provide a panorama of multicolored leaves in the fall.

Limited wildlife

Two Canada geese floating on the lakeWildlife is limited by the small size of the park. However, the lakeshore provides habitat for beaver, raccoon, opossum and visiting songbirds.

Although a few woodland birds are permanent residents, most birds here are visitors and migrants.

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Beaver chewing on stick in shallow water