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Plan Your Visit

Caddo Lake State Park is located next to the 8,500-acre Caddo Lake National Wildlife Refuge, run by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The park is only four miles upstream from Caddo Lake.

Let our park be your gateway to adventure!

Half Day

A half day is plenty of time to explore Caddo Lake State Park and experience the mysteries of East Texas wetlands.

  • For morning visits, enjoy a brisk walk on the short loop of our Caddo Forest Trail or hike under towering pines along the Pine Ridge. Learn more about our trails.
  • Only have a couple of hours in the afternoon? Canoe at Saw Mill Pond, or borrow one of our fishing rods to catch a fish along the banks of the bayou and scenic fishing pier.
  • Take a drive through the park and then enjoy a picnic next to our historic CCC cabins!

Full day

If you have a full day, you can explore more of our 500-acre park.

  • Rent a canoe for 3 to 5 hours and explore the surrounding bayous, paddling trails, and Caddo Lake.
  • Challenge yourself with a walk on our roughly 2.5 miles of hilly trails. Keep an eye out for rare birds as you walk through three distinct habitats.
  • Enjoy a park program with one of our rangers!


  • For the full experience, stay in one of our historic CCC cabins, screened shelters or full hookup RV sites, or put up a tent in the bald cypress swamp.
  • Do any of the above activities that catch your fancy!