Devil's Sinkhole State Natural Area

Devil's Sinkhole State Natural Area

  • Devil's Sinkhole at Dusk
    Marvel at a bat flight at dusk.
  • Devil's Sinkhole Bats
    Millions of bats live in the cave in summer months.
  • Devil's Sinkhole Bat Tour
    Attend an evening or morning bat flight tour.
  • Devil's Sinkhole Entrance
    The cavern is a National Natural Landmark.
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Flight of the Bats

Some 3 million bats emerge in a swirling mass from the Devil’s Sinkhole in search of food on warm nights. Marvel at the amazing spectacle at this state natural area northwest of San Antonio.

Things to Do

Bats are the main attraction here, but not the only one. We also lead nature walks, and birding tours through the 1,860-acre natural area.

Access to Devil’s Sinkhole State Natural Area is only by guided tour. Reservations are required. All tours begin at the Devil’s Sinkhole Visitor Center in Rocksprings.

Devil’s Sinkhole

The Devil’s Sinkhole is home to one of Texas’ largest colonies of Mexican free-tailed bats and is a National Natural Landmark.

A 50-foot wide shaft drops 140 feet into the cavern. The cavern itself has a diameter of over 320 feet and reaches 350 feet deep.

To protect this sensitive natural resource, we do not allow visitors to enter the cavern.


Mexican free-tailed bats roost in the cavern from late spring through early fall. They migrate to Mexico for the colder months of the year.

Each evening the bats begin a nocturnal quest for food. Scientists estimate this colony consumes up to 30 tons of beetles and moths each night!

We offer bat tours while the bats are in residence. Bats are wild creatures, however, and don’t always conform to the humans’ tour schedule.

Kickapoo Cavern State Park

Nearby Kickapoo Cavern State Park offers camping, hiking, mountain biking, birding and cave tours. It offers its own evening bat flight viewing in summer months.

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Ranger Programs

The Devil’s Sinkhole Society leads bat flight tours in the natural area. Check our Events page for the schedule. Tours launch from the Devil’s Sinkhole Visitor Center on the square in Rocksprings.

Reservations are required. Call (830) 683-BATS (2287) to reserve your spot.

The society also leads nature walks, birding outings, and day tours to see the sinkhole. Call to arrange these tours.

Bat flight tours

Evening tours:

Evening bat flight tours are Wednesdays through Sundays, May 1 through Oct. 31. Bats are wild creatures affected by natural factors; we cannot guarantee they will emerge on schedule.

Tours take you to a viewing platform over the sinkhole where you can peer into the depths of the shaft. The platform is wheelchair-accessible.

Tour fees:

  • Adults: $14
  • Seniors 65 and up: $11
  • Children 4 to 12: $6
  • Children under 4: Free

Morning tours:

We offer morning tours on select days. Check our Events page for the schedule. Tours begin before dawn.

Tour fees:

  • Adults: $20
  • Children 11 and younger: $10

All tours leave from Devil's Sinkhole Visitor Center
101 N. Sweeten St.
Rocksprings, TX 78880

Latitude: 30.015773

Longitude: -100.208552

(830) 683-2287

Entrance Fees
  • Access by reservation only: Contact the Park

The park is only accessible by scheduled tours. Call the Devil's Sinkhole Society at 830-683-BATS (2287) Wednesday through Sunday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., to make reservations.


January average low temperature is 35 degrees. July average high temperature is 95 degrees. Average annual rainfall 23.6 inches.

National Weather Service forecast for this area

2450 feet.