Galveston Island State Park

Accessibility Information

All restrooms in the park have accessible facilities, including parking, paved sidewalks, and bars in toilet stalls. The campground and day-use restrooms also have showers with bars, a fold down seat, and hand-held shower head.

The park has three beach wheelchairs at headquarters. We loan these for use in the park; email or ask at headquarters to ask about borrowing. These chairs are not self-propelled – you will need a companion to push.


Day-use Area

The day-use area has paved sidewalks from parking to picnic areas to beach. Drifted sand may cover portions of the beach sidewalk.

Picnic pavilions and some picnic tables are on concrete slabs with sidewalk access, but no other accessible features.


Four campsites (12, 19, 24 and 5) are considered accessible, with paving throughout and raised grills. These sites do not have extended picnic tables. 

One tent site with a tent platform has some accessible features, with dedicated parking and a paved sidewalk to the platform. The extended picnic table is not on the paved surface and there is a drop-off from the sidewalk to its location.


Day-use Area

The park’s trails are on this side of the park. None are considered accessible but are mostly level with hard-packed sand surface in dry times. Some rough boardwalks cross water bodies along the trails.

One of the observation towers (#3 on the Trails Map list of points of interest) is accessible with ramps leading up to a viewing platform. The trail to the platform is very short with hard-packed caliche and loose gravel that may be difficult for some people to traverse.


Both lodges have accessible parking, paved sidewalks to entry ramps, an accessible bathroom in each, wide doorways and hard surface floors. The accessible bathrooms are large with bars for the toilets and showers and hand-held showerheads.


None of the tent or RV campsites on the bayside are considered accessible. However, most are level with hard-packed sand and grass, at least in dry weather.

The tent loop has an accessible bathroom with parking.

Visit the park virtually by exploring our 360° photos. For more information about trails and the park’s points of interest, visit the trails information page.

Conditions can change quickly. Contact the park for more information and to ask about the status of particular accessible features. 

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