State Park Police Selection Criteria

Graphic with three police officers, state park police and TPWD logos, and the words "State Park Police,".We will use the following Knowledge, Skills and Abilities to select candidates from the list of applicants who meet minimum qualifications.

  • Ability to take enforcement action when law violations are observed, reported, or suspected
  • Ability to lawfully use physical force, including lawful deadly force, on another person
  • Ability to enforce the statutes and laws of the Texas Penal Code and other relevant state statutes
  • Ability to secure, search, and process crime scenes for evidence and contraband
  • Ability to assist local, county, state, and federal law enforcement agencies
  • Ability to provide assistance and respond to calls from the public
  • Ability to prepare and submit investigative reports, arrest and case reports, citations, dispositions, warrants, and other records related to enforcement activities, programs and operations
  • Ability to testify in court, administrative hearings, and other official proceedings
  • Skill in communicating effectively, both verbally and in writing
  • Skill in using appropriate interpersonal skills
  • Skill in making decisions and using discretion appropriately
  • Ability to work independently with very little or no supervision
  • Ability to conduct both personal and agency affairs with integrity
  • Ability to provide public safety and emergency management functions including working in response to natural disasters and in homeland security operations
  • Ability to safeguard departmental equipment

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