Lake Brownwood State Park

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Event Planning Tips

Rules and hints for making events successful at Lake Brownwood State Park.

We want your wedding, family reunion, birthday party or other group event to be stress-free and a success! Read through these tips before planning your event.

Make reservations early

You can make group reservations up to one year in advance. Don't forget to reserve overnight facilities for your guests!

Plan for your needs

Reserve the facility long enough to meet the needs of your event.

Do you want to decorate the building? You might want to reserve the day before your event, too.

Your group is responsible for cleaning up after the event and checking out on time. We recommend renting the facilities for an extra day if you’ll need more time to clean up before heading home.

Take care of your guests

Each guest must have a day pass if they are not staying overnight. If you plan to purchase those for your guests, let us know before your event. If guests will buy their own, be sure to let them know before they arrive!

Tell us about event workers

Workers such as caterers, florists, pastors, etc., do not have to pay entry fees.  Please let us know who to expect so we don’t charge them.

Know the rules

Familiarize yourself with the park rules. Of note, we do not allow public consumption or display of alcohol. Guests visiting for the day may only stay until 10 p.m.

Decorate carefully

Our buildings are historic and special. We do not allow any decorations that require nails or adhesives as they will damage the buildings. We recommend command strips or something similar for hanging decorations.

Furniture in buildings needs to remain there.

Please don't toss!

We do not allow any toss items that cannot be cleaned up easily. This includes birdseed, confetti, sprinkles, sparklers, etc. Instead, we recommend celebrating your event with bells, bubbles, banners or glow sticks.

You are responsible for cleaning up any trash inside and outside the building from your event.