Hurricane Harvey 2017

Hurricane Harvey came ashore on Mustang Island as a Category 4 hurricane on Aug. 26, 2017. In the days that followed, it diminished to a tropical storm. During its nearly week-long existence, it dumped copious amounts of rain across south and east Texas and Louisiana.

The storm and subsequent flooding damaged a number of Texas' state parks. Below is a list of parks that sustained damage.


Some campsites and park roads flooded. Portions of Park Road 1C between Bastrop and Buescher were damaged.

tree down at campsite Tree leaning over cabin

Brazos Bend

The Brazos River crested at 52.6 feet. Most of the park’s land surface was underwater, including many roads. Power was lost. The Nature Center and the George Observatory did not flood.

 flooded roadway   Tree down across road


Flooding damaged the culvert at the park entrance, making it unsafe. Park staff used the back entrance as the main entrance until the front entrance was repaired. Portions of Park Road 1C between Bastrop and Buescher were damaged.

Damaged culvert, with part of road eroded

Galveston Island

The park sustained some damage and flooding.

flooded picnic area    Park worker picking up flood debris


The hurricane took down or damaged over 200 trees in the park. Most buildings were unhurt. However, the maintenance shop lost its roof and a storage building was heavily damaged. The park lost power. The San Antonio River was forecast to crest at 34 feet.

Trees toppled next to the mission    Tree limbs littering a campsite

Goose Island

The hurricane damaged the park’s roads along the bay. Buildings remained standing, but with roof and flood damage. The fishing pier suffered damage. The Big Tree survived, though younger trees around it were damaged.

Pavement missing next to the bay    Pier with railings and some boards missing

Restroom with some damage and downed trees    Bayside shelters

Park entry blocked by downed tree    Big Tree still stands!


The park received around 30 inches of rain.

Water covering the porch of park building    Floodwaters

Mustang Island

The park sustained significant damage, as it was near where Harvey made landfall.

 Flood-damaged roadway    Destroyed fee booth

Bathroom with wall missing    Damaged park residence


The San Marcos River left silt in the refectory, but restrooms were not flooded. The park has a number of trees and limbs down. The superintendent anticipates clean-up will last through the end of September.

Check the park’s website or Facebook page for updates.

 Water over the roadway   Tree down over pond

San Antonio River running high

San Jacinto Battleground and Battleship Texas

The storm did not damage either site, but they remained closed for a number of days due to area flooding.

View from monument web cam before flooding
Before the storm . . .
View from monument web cam showing flooding
After the rain fell

Sea Rim

No damage has been reported. The road into the park was flooded, blocking access.

Park entrance with stading water 

Sheldon Lake

The park experienced some flooding, but was otherwise undamaged.

time lapse collage of flooding

Stephen F. Austin

The Brazos River once again flooded the park. Repairs took an extended time.

Flood damaged debris in front of park headquarters

Village Creek

Most of the park was covered by six feet or more of floodwaters. Water inundated the utilities for the water and electric campground and restroom building (though these facilities did not flood).

Canoeist paddling down Park Road 74   Brush piled on cabin porch

Floodwaters at group picnic pavilion   Flood-damaged picnic area