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Floating Primitive Campsite (Boat-in)

  • People per Site: 4
  • Number of Sites: 1
A tent on the floating campsite. A tent on the floating campsite. Sunset

Access is by boat, only. Located in the park’s marsh, 2 miles from the boat ramp. Bring your own shallow draft boat or rent a canoe or kayak at the park. You must bring a 5-gallon bucket and a solid/liquid waste bag with enzymes to neutralize human waste (available for purchase at the park store). You may use a containerized fuel stove for cooking. Late arrivals must camp on the beach until the office opens the next day.

  • 13’ x 20’ wooden floating campsite
  • Accessible by shallow draft boat only
  • Canoe/kayak rentals are available
  • No ash-producing fires allowed
  • Waste disposal bucket with solid/liquid waste bag required



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