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Accessibility Information

The Gambusia Nature Trail Boardwalk Sea Rim has a six-person cabin that meets ADA accessibility guidelines, with a paved route from the parking area into the cabin. The cabin is next to the park's boat ramp, and has a scenic view down the marsh canal.   

While not fully ADA accessible, the 0.75 Gambusia Nature Trail Boardwalk loop trail and the 0.1-mile Dune Boardwalk are sometimes used by people in wheelchairs. The park restrooms are wheelchair accessible.  The drive-up campsites with electricity are not considered accessible, but most have a level cement parking pad with a picnic table on hard-packed soil that some wheelchairs can navigate.

The majority of the beach at Sea Rim is accessible by vehicle. Visitors can drive on the beach and the sand is often packed firmly enough for some mobility devices.

Conditions can change quicklyContact the park for more information and to ask about the status of particular accessible featuresCall the Reservation Center to reserve an accessible campsite (1-512-389-8900).

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