Sheldon Lake State Park & Environmental Learning Center

Park Programs

A former fish hatchery "gone wild" forms the core of a 40-acre environmental learning center. We offer programs on nature and ecology, native plant gardening, fishing and more.

All facilities and trails are ADA accessible.

Check our Events page for upcoming programs or request a program for your small group.

  • Who can request a program?
  • How do I request a program?
  • What programs do you offer?
  • When do you offer programs?


Groups of 25 or fewer from public and private schools, Scout groups, senior citizens, families and special interest organizations are welcome.

Visit on your own, attend a program, or take a guided tour led by park rangers or volunteers.

We require an adult to student ratio of at least 1:10.


Reserve a spot or set up a program with us:


We offer programming Tuesday through Friday, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m., and on weekends based on availability.


We offer in-person, self-guided and virtual programs.

In-person programs

In-person programs consists of guided hikes and accompanying crafts. We recommend this for groups with one to two hours to spend at the park.

Our themed, ranger-led hikes are ½ to 1 mile long on ADA accessible trails.

See our Events page to sign up for a hike or email the park to schedule a program for your group.

Self-guided programs

Explore the park on your own or with your small group.

  • Geocaching 101: Try orienteering! Look for hidden caches with park-provided GPS units.
  • Junior Ranger Badge (complete at least five activities to earn a badge)
    • Leave No Trace
    • Observing Wildlife
    • Park Poetry
    • Life’s Better Outside
    • What does a Park Ranger do?
    • …and more!
  • Wildlife Scavenger Hunts: Discover Sheldon Lake’s diverse wildlife with seasonally appropriate wildlife checklists of arthropods, birds, reptiles and more.
  • Alternative Energy Tour: Use our to look for the sustainable building and recycling practices at Sheldon Lake.

Virtual programs

Email the park to request a virtual program. TEKS programming available upon request.

*All virtual programs require craft or dissection materials that you can pick up at the park prior to the program, free of charge. Contact us to schedule a pickup.

Metamorphosis 101

Learn about the incredible transformations of some animals. We will focus on frogs and complete a craft.

Nature Journaling

Get creative with your recycling by making your very own DIY nature journal. We will instruct how, and then show some unique ways to record all the animals and plants that you see, even in your students’ backyards!

Learn Owl About It Pellet Dissection

Learn more about the wildlife that comes out at night - more specifically, owls! A ranger will walk your group through an owl pellet dissection where you will learn first-hand the biology behind these magnificent creatures and how they fit into the food web of the forest.