Tyler State Park

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A tranquil haven in the pines, rich with history and recreational opportunities

Beaver sitting in grass
American beaver

Situated on a spring-fed East Texas lake, Tyler State Park offers swimming, hiking, mountain-biking, fishing, paddling and camping. Discover the timeless design and craftsmanship of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) that make the park a historic treasure.


All trails allow hiking and biking unless otherwise indicated. On multiuse trails, bikers travel clockwise and hikers travel counter-clockwise.

This list may not include all trails in the park.

Hiking Trail Distance Time Difficulty Description
A Loop 2.6 mi. 1.5 hours Moderate This trail includes elevation changes. You may encounter obstacles such as loose gravel.
B Loop 3.1 mi. 2 hours Moderate This trail is over three miles long and includes many elevation changes, making it a challenging but beautiful trek through the park’s many different types of forest.
Blackjack Nature Trail
(hiking only)
0.3 mi. 20 min. Easy This flat, short trail crosses a grassy savannah, perfect for families and those looking for an easy walk.
C Loop 1.5 mi. 1 hour Challenging This trail is short but challenging. It offers the opportunity to see some of the larger pines in the park.
D Loop 2.2 mi. 1.5 hours Challenging This trail crosses several different forest types which attract a variety of migratory birds. Grab your binoculars and see how many you can spot.
EZ Loop 0.8 mi. 45 min. Easy You can head out on three different trails from here. Choose the one that suits you best.
Lakeshore Trail
(hiking only)
2.1 mi. 1.5 hours Easy This trail is relatively flat with plenty of spots to picnic, cast a line, or just relax and take in the view. Please note this trail does utilize the main park road in some segments. Take care to avoid hiking in someone’s campsite.
Whispering Pines
(hiking only)
1.0 mi. 1.5 hour Moderate The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) developed this trail over 70 years ago, planting pine trees and building a wading pool and a small waterfall.
List of Trails

Points of Interest

GPS coordinates shown in decimal degrees.

Point Latitude Longitude 360° Views Description
History Lives Here 32.4818° -95.2842° View of CCC wading pool Look for the children's wading pool, rock waterfall, and Beauchamp Springs in this area, developed by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC).
CCC Rock Dam 32.4847° -95.2979° No image available The off-property dam visible from Trail C is an example of the CCC using natural building materials. Please respect our neighboring landowner and view this feature from the hiking trail only.
Bird Observation Blind 32.4703° -95.3023° View of the Bird Observation Blind Sit quietly in this blind and see how many birds you can spot.
View From the Past 32.4795° -95.2989° View from the Lakeshore Trail of the lake and historic buildings The CCC architectural plans include many scenic views where the historic buildings blend into the landscape.
CCC Overlook 32.4751° -95.2976° View from the CCC Overlook At the top of the hill, take in the view enjoyed by visitors since the 1930s.
Beaver Pond 32.4756° -95.2913° No image available Beaver ponds and associated high water levels create habitat diversity and attract many types of wildlife.
List of Points of Interest

Staying Safe

  • Know your limits. Prepare for sun and heat. Wear sunscreen, insect repellent and appropriate clothing/hiking shoes.
  • Drink plenty of water. Your body quickly loses fluids when you’re on the trail. Bring a quart of water per hour of activity.
  • Tell others where you’ll be. If possible, avoid exploring alone. Tell someone where you are going and when you plan to return.
  • Wear a helmet. When mountain biking, check with park HQ to match the trail to your skill level. Wear a helmet to protect yourself in case of a crash.
  • Potentially harmful plants and animals live here. You’ll see them more easily if you stay on trails. Do not approach wildlife!
  • Check for trail closures. Certain trails may be closed during prescribed burns or for other resource management work.

Trail Etiquette

  • Trash your trash. Keep the park natural. Pack out all of your trash and Leave No Trace.
  • Leave feeding to nature. Feeding wild animals will make them sick and more likely to cause harm to people.
  • Take only memories and pictures. Please don’t disturb or remove any of the park’s plants, animals or artifacts.
  • Keep pets on leashes for their safety, and to protect wildlife.