Presenter: Darlene Lewis

Commission Agenda Item No. 6
Community Outdoor Outreach Grant Program
January 1998


History of COOP


Highlights some of the COOP funded activities

Number of Projects Funded/Kids Targeted

In the first two cycles of this project, we have been able to fund 34 projects out of 285 requests. Those 285 requests in the last two cycles totaled more than $3-million dollars.

This current cycles has 83 applicants with requests totaling more than.

FY96 - TPWD was able to fund 4 internal projects totaling more than $59,000. Those projects included a two week summer camp at Abilene State Park, inner city youth camping trips at Sheldon Lake WMA and the Fort Leaton Historical park living history presentations which all have turned out to be very successful programs.

Activities funded include: Camping and canoeing trips, two week environmental lab for middle school students at Guadalupe River State Park, wildscaping programs at local schools, hunting and fishing trips and environmental clean-ups, a one week history presentation at Caddoan Mountains involving the Caddo Indians from Oklahoma, a birding festival in East Texas and kids here in east Austin designing their own web site to talk about their outdoor experiences.

Current Projects Under Consideration


What Has Been Accomplished With COOP

Future Goals of COOP

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