Presenter: Kathy Boydston

Commission Agenda Item No. 12
Wind Energy Development in Texas
May 2006

I. Executive Summary: A summary of the wind energy development in Texas and the role Texas Parks and Wildlife Department plays in the development of these facilities.

II. Discussion: Wind energy has long been a source of energy in Europe; it is one of the fastest growing renewable energy sources in the United States. Texas is second only to California in the amount of available energy from wind. Currently there are 35 existing and proposed wind farms in 13 counties in Texas. Wind farms produce electricity at a rate that is a few cents per kilowatt higher than electricity from coal or gas powered plants. The energy produced from wind turbines is considered renewable as the wind will always be available and is considered "green" energy as the production of the electricity does not produce pollutants, does not use water and for the most part has limited impact on fish and wildlife resources. There are some potential adverse impacts to fish and wildlife resources from this type of development and TPWD is working closely with industry, other state and federal agencies and conservation organizations to ensure, as much as is possible, that wind development in Texas has minimal impacts on the natural resources.