Presenter: Peter Flores

Commission Agenda Item No. 4
Rescue Efforts by Texas Game Wardens from Hurricanes
Katrina and Rita
November 2005

I. Executive Summary: This item will present an overview of the Texas Game Wardens rescue and recovery missions as a result of recent Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana and Hurricane Rita in Texas.

II. Discussion: On August 30, 2005, to assist victims of Hurricane Katrina, a team of 53 Texas Parks and Wildlife Department game wardens from all parts of the state crossed the Louisiana line with 52 vehicles and 50 boats, marking the first time Texas game wardens have been deployed for disaster relief out of state. Texas game wardens are trained and experienced in flood rescue and water safety, with boats and equipment often used during flash floods and other natural disasters. On September 22, 2005, to assist victims of Hurricane Rita, the entire field force of 495 Texas game wardens with approximately 500 boats were placed on standby for search and rescue operations as needed. Boats, fuel, manpower and all available resources are ready, with staging locations along the coast identified.