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Commission Agenda Item No. 6
Nobody's Waterproof Water Safety Campaign
May 2008

I. Executive Summary: The Department launched a new boating and water safety campaign entitled, "Nobody's Waterproof" in summer 2007. Developed by the Lower Colorado River Authority, this national-award winning program was taken throughout the rest of the state by TPWD staff and partners. Use of the campaign has increased boating and water safety awareness by the target audience: males age 18 to 34 who operate motorboats on Texas waterways.

II. Discussion: The Communications and Law Enforcement Divisions will be working together again this summer to implement Nobody's Waterproof - a comprehensive marketing and outreach program designed to deliver the department's safety message to hundreds of thousands of Texas boaters and water enthusiasts. The department plans to take the program statewide for the second year in a row by targeting historically busy lakes near metropolitan areas.

The message will address the problems seen on Texas lakes.

The program's primary message will be to encourage life jacket use. Most common citations historically include:

Nobody's Waterproof consists primarily of promotional campaigns targeting the 18 to 34 year-old demographic that is at a higher risk for boat accidents. Outreach teams reach target audiences where they are - on vessels at major reservoirs, rivers and coastal areas and at boat ramps during high use weekends. Trained staff and boat operators approach water users in a friendly, approachable manner with games and activities stressing the use of personal floatation devices (life jackets), avoidance of drinking while operating a boat, and other important boating and water safety practices.

The National Safe Boating Council recognized LCRA with the "2007 National Boating Education Advancement Award" at the International Boating and Water Safety Conference in San Antonio in March 2007 and again with the "National Water Safety Congress Award of Merit" in San Diego in April 2008. These awards are selected based on a significant contribution or an outstanding effort to enhance or promote water safety at the local or state level. Nobody's Waterproof also was recognized with the "Community Lifesaver Award" from the National Drowning Prevention Alliance in March 2008. The latter honors individuals or organizations for their exceptional work in the advancement of drowning prevention at the community or regional levels.

Sponsors and donors are invited to take part in the campaign through the statewide distribution of promotional materials. One partner, Mr. Tim Lindt, through the Britteny Sage Lindt Fund, donated a boat to the campaign. Mr. Lindt's daughter was killed in a boating accident on Lake Lewisville, and the fund was established in her name.

Results of the campaign from the first summer showed great success. Exhibit A illustrates the accomplishments in partnership with LCRA. This summer, TPWD plans to extend its reach even further by taking the lessons learned and expanding coverage to Dallas, San Antonio and Houston-are lakes. Results of awareness, contacts made, behavioral influences and media generated will again be reported after this summer's successes.

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  1. Exhibit A - Nobody's Waterproof™ 2007 Campaign Summary

Commission Agenda Item No. 6
Exhibit A

Nobody's Waterproof™ 2007 Campaign Summary

LCRA's Campaign Goals


Target Audience

Key Messages

Campaign Tactics


$50,000 budget with EnviroMedia Social Marketing for campaign outreach, advertising and creative services.

2007 Campaign Highlights

Unexpected Challenge

Summer 2007 brought an unexpected challenge to the Nobody's Waterproof team – major flooding that closed Lake Travis for many weeks and canceled several outreach events. Thanks to the campaign's flexibility, LCRA was able to reschedule the events to meet its 2007 water safety outreach and education goals.

Outreach Events

Media Coverage

Public Relations and Community Outreach

Web Traffic

More than 6,300 visits from May to September.

National, Regional and State Awards

Celebrity Spokesperson

Up-and-coming Texas country rocker Kevin Fowler appeared at a campaign news conference, in campaign TV and radio ads, and at a TPWD outreach event.

About the Campaign

Nobody's Waterproof™ is an award-winning water safety campaign to encourage men ages 18 to 34 and their friends and family to "Play It Safe" on the water.

The campaign's innovative social marketing strategy uses water- and land-based events to reach the target audience on their terms and in their environment where they are most approachable.

Nobody's Waterproof™ has quickly become a model water safety campaitgn, winning state, regional and national awards.

LCRA and EnviroMedia Social Marketing, Inc. launched the campaign in 2006 at Lake Travis as part of LCRA's role of protecting people, property and the environment in its serice area.

In 2007, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and LCRA joined together to take the campaign's unusual and successful strategy to other waterways across Texas.

Nobody's Waterproof™ is a registered trademark of the Lower Colorado River Authority.

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