Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission
Public Hearing

November 6, 2008 Commission Meeting

Donations of $500.00 or More
Not Previously Acknowledged by the Commission

# Donor Description Detail & Purpose of Donation *Amount
1 East Texas Woods & Waters Foundation In-kind Services Construction of one 70' x 10' fishing pier at Tyler Nature Center $13,857.07
2 The Dow Chemical Company Cash Sponsorship Wildlife EXPO $25,000.00
3 Academy Sports and Outdoors Cash Sponsorship Wildlife EXPO $10,000.00
4 National Wild Turkey Federation Cash Sponsorship Wildlife EXPO $1,675.00
5 Steve Prewitt Other Goods 12 Foot Aluminum diving board for Balmorhea State Park $1,830.50
6 Mid-Tex Truck & Trailer, Inc. In-kind Services Painted the Region Two Disaster Response Trailer and applied decals to make it easily identifiable to support our ongoing efforts for conservation, disasters, and homeland security issues. $2,500.00
7 CEMEX Cash Sponsorship Wildlife EXPO $5,000.00
8 Catfish Parlour Cash Sponsorship Wildlife EXPO $879.59
9 Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation (VerizonBusiness) Cash Sponsorship Wildlife EXPO $2,500.00
10 Koch Pipeline Company LP Cash Sponsorship Wildlife EXPO $1,500.00
11 National Rifle Association Cash Sponsorship Wildlife EXPO $2,500.00
12 Stacy & Michael Collins Other Goods 200 gallon aquarium w/accessories and live organisms $3,500.00
13 Kerr McGee Oil and Gas Corp. Cash Artificial Reef Program Rigs-to Reefs $135,750.00
14 Eagle Optics Other Goods Fifteen (15) EO-821 binoculars for education and interpretation $749.85
15 Salt Water Enhancement Association (SEA) Capital Property Item Wand magnetic tag detector from North West Marine Technology to support research activities $5,000.00
16 Houston Safari Club Cash Sponsorship Wildlife EXPO $5,000.00
17 FPL Energy Cash Sponsorship Wildlife EXPO $10,000.00
18 Underwater Expeditions Other Goods Offshore fishing trips to collect and help restock aquariums and allow children to have new species in tanks. $850.00
19 Judy Paige Other Goods Assorted Shoulder Mounted heads of Whitetail Deer (4), Corsican Sheep (4), Pronghorn Antelope (2), Blackbuck Antelope (2), Axis Deer (1), Sika Deer (1), Fallow Deer (1), Javelina (1), and Elk Skull Mount (1) $1,650.00
20 Lubbock Chapter of Safari Club International Other Goods Three (3) Night Owl Optics Model NOXB3 3X Night Vision Binoculars to aid Law Enforcement $1,469.85
21 Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation Cash Sponsor operating costs of the Budweiser ShareLunker Program and Operation World Record $38,101.88
22 International Boundary & Water Commission Cash For Vegetation management in the Rio Grande $10,000.00
23 Consejo De Promocion Turistica De Mexico Cash Sponsorship Wildlife EXPO $2,000.00
24 City of Austin Cash Sponsorship Wildlife EXPO $10,000.00
25 Kerrville Convention & Visitors Bureau Cash Guadalupe Bass Restoration Program $1,000.00
26 Upper Guadalupe River Authority Cash Guadalupe Bass Restoration Program $2,000.00
27 Emerald Point Marina In-kind Services Assist Boater Education Program and Nobody's Waterproof campaigns by providing free boat storage during winter months at Lake Travis $1,935.00
28 Highland Mall In-kind Services Shuttle parking opportunities during Texas Wildlife EXPO $966.00
29 Outdoor Cap Company Other Goods Mossy Oak 'Cap of the Year' for Texas Wildlife EXPO $1,036.00
30 Mossy Oak Other Goods Camouflage shirts for staff working at Texas Wildlife EXPO $8,038.00
31 ACM Tractor Sales In-kind Services Replace and remove approx. 35 posts, mow hayfields twice, rental of two (2) Honda Land Pride mules and one (1) 18' tandem trailer $3,410.00
32 ACM Tractor Sales Cash Sponsorship Wildlife EXPO $404.00
33 Jackson Safety Other Goods Ear plugs for the shooting events at the Texas Wildlife EXPO $2,400.00
34 Rio Ammunition Other Goods 12 gauge ammunition for the shooting activities at the Texas Wildlife EXPO $1,575.00
35 Arby's of Central Texas Other Goods 600 box lunches/3000 kids coupons for Hunter Ed volunteers, parking staff and greeters at Texas Wildlife EXPO $3,814.00
36 Winchester Ammunition Other Goods Hunting safety literature and 20 cases of 12 gauge ammunition for shooting sports at Texas Wildlife EXPO $2,466.00
37 White Flyer Other Goods Clay birds for the shooting sports event at Texas Wildlife EXPO $1,200.00
38 Lone Star Bowhunters Association In-kind Services Sponsor of youth archery activities at Texas Wildlife EXPO $2,966.00
39 Travis County 4H In-kind Services Sponsor of the airgun activities at the Texas Wildlife EXPO $2,466.00
40 Horton Manufacturing Company In-kind Services Sponsor of crossbow activities at the Texas Wildlife EXPO $2,466.00
41 Federal Premium Ammunition Other Goods 20 cases of 20 gauge ammunition to be used at Texas Wildlife EXPO $1,500.00
42 Dallas Arms Collectors In-kind Services Sponsor of muzzle loading activities at Texas Wildlife EXPO $1,966.00
43 Crossman Air Guns In-kind Services Sponsor of airgun activities at Texas Wildlife EXPO $3,814.00
44 Briley Manufacturing In-kind Services Sponsor sporting clay activities at Texas Wildlife EXPO $3,814.00
45 Big Fish Bowfishing Texas In-kind Services Sponsor of bowfishing activities at Texas Wildlife EXPO $966.00
46 Winter Kennels In-kind Services Snake proofing demos at Texas Wildlife EXPO (4 shows) $966.00
47 Last Chance Forever In-kind Services Sponsor of Birds of Prey shows for Texas Wildlife EXPO (4 shows) $1,966.00
48 Haydel's Game Calls, Inc. In-kind Services Sponsor of hunting/game calling seminars at Texas Wildlife EXPO $1,466.00
49 Shakespeare Fishing Tackle Other Goods Sixty-five (65) synergy 10 spincast combos, sixty (60) Penn logo sunglasses, sixty (60) PFL & SKP logo caps, Fifteen hundred (1500) SKP logo fish shaped casting plugs $1,791.00
50 EZ Dock of Texas In-kind Services Use of floating safety dock for Wet Zone at Texas Wildlife EXPO $1,188.00
51 Bird Dog for all Seasons In-kind Services Sporting dogs demos (4 shows) at the Texas Wildlife EXPO $966.00
52 Best Retrievers In-kind Services Sporting dogs demos (4 shows) at the Texas Wildlife EXPO $966.00
53 Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation Cash Texas Parks & Wildlife Game Warden Academy $4,032,625.00
Total $4,383,449.74

*Estimated value used for goods and services