Donations of $500 or more for August 2010
Not Previously Acknowledged by the Commission
Item Donor Description Detail and Purpose of Donation Amount
1 Friends of Colorado Bend State Park Other Goods Four (4) joints of 1 1/4" metal pipe, one (1) 20' piece of 2' square tubing, four (4) 20' pieces of 3/16'x2' scrap iron, twelve (12) sheets of 4'x8' expanded metal, and one (1) water filter with housing to complete construction of a foot bridge near Gorman Falls and to complete plumbing connections to new restroom $736.13
2 Texas Wildlife Association Cash For the Matador WMA Youth Shooting Sports Event $500.00
3 Igloo Corporation Cash To assist operations of Texas Outdoor Family Program $10,350.00
4 Igloo Corporation Other Goods Five (5) Igloo MaxCold Ice Chests and twenty (20) Igloo Ice Blue 5 gallon water coolers $1,600.00
5 Topaz Power Group Other Goods Two hundred ninety-seven (297) tons of sand and ninety-seven (97) tons of road base sand used for back fill at proposed pavilion site and for pond levee repair at the CCA/CPL Marine Development Center $5,357.34
6 Zachery Construction In-Kind Services Use of front-end loader and operator to assist with ground build up for proposed pavilion construction at the CCA/CPL Marine Development Center $765.00
7 Texas Lures & Leaders Cash General Donation $840.00
8 Texas Wildlife Association Foundation Cash To be used for "Small Mammal & Avian Response to Wildfire" research on Chaparral WMA $1,650.00
9 Coastal Conservation Assn. (Mid-Coast Chapter) Capital Item Two (2) safe handicap-access Kidfish piers which includes 400' x 7' thermally modified lumber, piling boots and installation, plus all piers and hardware needed for donation project $170,000.00
10 Apache Corporation Cash Artificial Reef Program Rigs-To-Reefs $262,874.00
11 Jeffery Mundy Cash Support for captive raising of Attwater's Prairie Chicken $500.00
12 Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation Cash To assist with the invasive species campaign $500.00
13 Dallas Athletes Other Goods Three (3) raised height office chairs, eight (8) special duty hats for uniform completion and eight (8) personal pocket size video recorders for LE cases for use at Lake Ray Roberts State Park $1,800.00
14 Shaw Environ-mental and Infrastructure Other Goods Food grade IBC 275 gallon storage tanks to be used as rainwater storage tanks for the rainwater harvesting system at the Texas Wildscape demonstration garden $459.98
15 Safari Club International Cash To sponsor the participation of one (1) Mexican Cadet in the Texas Game Warden Training $7,035.19
16 Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation Cash Purchase of plastic floating pier with modular air-filled sections for Sea Center $50,000.00
17 Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation Cash Purchase of a PCR lab machine with warranty for the Marine Development Center $6,010.00
18 Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation Cash Purchase of six (6) aerator paddlewheels for Perry R. Bass Research Center $5,210.00
19 Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation Cash Sheldon Lake Observation Tower $1,360,000.00
20 XTO Offshore, Inc. Cash Artificial Reef Program Rigs-To-Reefs $200,000.00
21 Karen Loke Cash Winnings from Outdoor Writers of America Association for the purpose of assisting the video news program $537.00
22 TDC Energy, LLC Cash Artificial Reef Program Rigs-To-Reefs $111,500.00
23 McQ, Inc. Capital Item Two (2) remote repeater antennas to transmit intruder signals from purchased sensors plus four (4) solar panels to power repeater antennas installed at locations in Devils River State Natural Area and Seminole Canyon State Park $5,500.00
24 Mack Dick Capital Item One (1) group recreation hall to be constructed and named 'The Mack Dick Group Recreation Facility' at Palo Duro Canyon State Park $1,000,000.00
25 Global Impact Cash To support State Parks $2,787.04
26 Friends of San Angelo State Park Capital Item One (1) Lamar dump trailer for use in San Angelo State Park $7,000.00
27 Progressive Insurance Controlled Item One (1) 9'4" Yamaha PWC for use by Law Enforcement on water safety patrols $2,000.00
28 Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation Cash Endowment account earnings to purchase ice machine, GPS for boat, Algae paste for southern flounder project, mechanical air blower for aeration system and southern flounder boat batteries for Sea Center $16,517.04
Total $3,232,028.72
*Estimated value used for goods and services