Commission Agenda Item No. 8
Presenter:  Todd Engeling

Freshwater Fish Hatcheries and the Freshwater Fishing Stamp
March 31, 2011

I.       Executive Summary:  Staff will present a brief summary of the status of freshwater fish hatcheries and the importance of the Freshwater Fishing Stamp in helping us to meet our mission.

II.      Discussion:  Fish hatcheries have been an important fisheries management tool in the United States since mid-1800 and in Texas for more than 75 years.  The face of fish hatcheries in Texas has changed over the last 75 years with some being improved and renovated and others closed.  To meet current and anticipated future production demands, hatchery facilities need critical repairs and upgrades.  The Freshwater Fish Stamp authorized in 2004 and supported by recreational angler constituents has created the opportunity to address the critical maintenance and repair needs of existing hatcheries to increase operating efficiency and improve hatchery production.  The importance of fish hatcheries and the status of the renovation program will be presented.  Current legislation (SB390, HB790) proposes to remove the 10-year sunset clause on the Freshwater Fishing Stamp.  The $5 Stamp required of all licensed anglers that fish in freshwaters will expire September 1, 2014 if not repealed or extended.