Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission

January 23, 2014, Commission Meeting


Donations of $500 or more for January 23, 2014 Commission Meeting not Previously Acknowledged by the Commission
Donor Description Detail & Purpose of Donation *Amount
Faith Ford Biggs Cash State Park Donation- Lake Mineral Wells SP $500.00
Caldwell Rotary Club District 5870 Cash SP Law Enforcement for Lake Somerville-Birch Creek $600.00
John and Josie Holroyd Capital Property One 1987 Jayco 2450 Travel Trailer P/N AF7910, CSA 13000 GVWR-Big Bend SP $13,000.00
Parks and Wildlife Foundation Cash Sheldon Lake SP for boardwalks and campsites phase 3 $100,000.00
Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation Cash Funds to be used for travel expenses for TPWD employees to Education for Access $1,600.00
Terry Hopper In-Kind Assisted with infrastructure maintenance and equipment repair and the deer camera surveys at Old Sabine Bottom WMA $1,512.19
Exxon Mobile Pipeline Company Cash Charitable Contribution $1,500.00
Coastal Conservation Association Other Goods One Manitowac Ice Machine-Model ID04552A-161 $2,405.40
Texas Oilman's Charity Invitational Fishing Tournament Cash Sea Center Texas $4,000.00
Maritech Resources, Inc. Cash Artificial Reef Program-HI-A-568 towed to HI-A-567 $349,000.00
Dan Jones Other Goods 4 Surveillance Cameras-$399.96, 2 LE equipment bags-$259.96, 41 Misc. LE foot, bike, and vehicle equipment-$1148.59, 14 Metal equipment clips for equipment management and affixing- $76.85 for Ray Roberts Johnson Branch $1,885.36
LQ Management Cash State Park Donation $1,350.23
Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation Cash Neighborhood Fishing $40,036.00
Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation Cash Neighborhood Fishing $75,000.00
Battleship Texas Foundation Cash General Operations of the Battleship Texas to free up operating funds to cover salary of staff hours in preparation for the Centennial event $12,192.00
Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation Cash Planning of public use and facility development at Palo Pinto Mountains SP $60,000.00
Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation Cash Gift Card to help cover cost for upcoming restoration project and site visit for partner organizations $500.00
Coastal Conservation Association Cash Construction and Planting of Dickinson Bayou Wetland Restoration Project $75,000.00
Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation Cash Part of funding for TPWD Investigation Units- Funds not reported in 01/2013 with original check $950.00
Terry Hopper In Kind Assisted with Infrastructure maintenance and equipment repair at Old Sabine Bottom WMA and provided assistance with Youth deer draw hunt at WMA $722.24
Guadalupe River Trout Unlmtd. Cash Inland Fisheries Intern $7,000.00
Food and Drug Admin./State Cooperative Programs Controlled Garmin GPS Map 740s (15), Hummingbird 1198c SL Combo (1), Steiner Rallye 10x50 Binocular (7) $23,633.46
Carol Preslar Controlled One 10' x 16' Morgan building (Model #1016KBKKA73N s/n H194325) $3,000.00
Operation Game Thief Cash Provide funding for creating a new reporting software for OGT $ 61,900.00
Faith Biggs Cash Help with operations at Daingerfield SP $500.00
Halliburton Giving Choices Cash State Park Public Appeal $1,988.48
Faith Biggs Cash To help with the new bird blind project at Atlanta SP $500.00
    Total $ 840,325.36

*Estimated value used for goods and services