Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission

Material Changes to Contracts for Commission Consideration
August 21, 2014
(Tex. Gov’t Code §2155.088)
Contract Number Vendor Name Type of Contract Reason for Change Original Term Date Revised Term Date (if applicable) Original Contract Amount Revised Contract Amount (if applicable) Percentage Change Purchaser Date Entered
445701 A & E Welding Services Differences in lift cylinders required the vendor to custom build a subframe and brackets to mount cylinder pivots. 3/15/2014 N/A $2,500.00 $4,450.00 78.00% Judy Ahrens 3/7/2014
447773 TIBH Term-Goods TIBH shipped 2 extra cases of trash can liners ordered on line 1 of PO-park decided to keep additional cases. 8/15/2014 N/A $730.70 $856.10 17.16% Mary Cunningham 3/7/2014
446204 Republic Services Inc. Services Final disposal costs exceeded original estimate due to amount of materials and administrative fees. 2/28/2014 N/A $400.00 $534.49 33.62% Judy Ahrens 3/14/2014
448470 Staas Plumbing Company Inc. Services Original estimate was higher than actual costs once repairs were completed. 4/7/2014 N/A $1,695.19 $2,000.00 17.98% Judy Alsobrook 4/9/2014
410878 CXT Incorporated TXMAS Purchase Order was set up before Hurricane Ike recovery site improvements had been designed or constructed. The installation of the toilets had to wait until the surrounding road and pedestrian system were completed. 12/30/2011 7/18/2014 $78,574.40 N/A N/A Tammy Dunham 5/1/2014
448517 National Cotton Inc. DBA Pier 77 Marine Service Internal Repair Additional repairs needed for cylinder heads of the starboard engine of the R/V Nueces. 5/30/2014 N/A $4,000.00 $11,000.00 175.00% Mary Hardin 5/14/2014
449785 Hooking Bull Boatyard Services The research vessel San Antonio is in dry dock while repairs are being made by a separate vendor. The repairs are not completed yet. We are adding 28 days @$16.00 per a day for storage fees. 5/26/2014 6/23/2014 $1,361.00 $1,809.00 32.91% Virginia Pape 5/23/2014
444331 Cargill Inc TXMAS-Goods Purchasing an additional 50 tons of custom mixed low protein deer feed. Original Order was 40 tons but we need additional feed because the consumption is more than anticipated-probably due to heat and drought conditions. 1/31/2015 N/A $18,000.00 $40,500.00 125.00% Cynthia Alvarado 5/28/2014
438787 FedEX Services To pay for additional shipping charges until end of FY. 8/31/2014 9/19/2014 $750.00 $950.00 26.67% Frankie Mann 6/4/2014
450270 3MB Interior Plus Standard-Goods Manufacturer will not have item from China until August. 6/30/2014 8/29/2014 $1,022.00 N/A N/A Tammy Dunham 6/12/2014
447530 National Pump & Compressor Ltd Non Delegated- Goods Manufacturer placed the wrong engine type on the diesel pump. Delivery date has been changed twice (original POCN to change date to 6/12 was processed on 5/1/14). 4/4/2014 7/11/2014 $33,500.00 N/A N/A LeAnn Carmona 6/25/2014