Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission

March 20, 2019, Commission Meeting


Donations of $500 or More for March 20, 2019 Acknowledged by the Commission
Donor Detail & Purpose of Donation *Amount
Seth Massery Experience and education provided $508.13
Joshua Moore Volunteer to assist with CWD sampling and harvest recommendations $962.80
Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation Forty-three state park passes to assist the Communications Division-Interactive Services $3,010.00
Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation Donation to assist with various Communication programs and efforts (Contract #515064) $52,000.00
Friends of Cleburne State Park Replace broken playground equipment for Bigfoot Slide and Police Car Spring Rider at Cleburne State Park $5,285.18
ExxonMobil Corporation Donation for Region 8 District 4 for Law Enforcement $2,000.00
Caldwell Rotary Club #1934 District 5870 Donation to support Law Enforcement at Lake Somerville - Birch State Park $600.00
Mrs. Sylvia Ellason One Bronzed Eagle statue, created by artist Ronnie Wells. Eagle sits on a wooden base and is approx. 6ft high and 44' wide $8,900.00
Archery Trade Association Fifteen Standard Explore Bowhunting Kits, thirteen Standard Explore Bowfishing Kits, and YGS materials to support the TPWD community archery programs $114,941.00
TOTAL   $188,207.11
*Estimated value used for goods and services