Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission

March 20, 2019

Retirement Certificates and Service Awards

Service Awards
Division Name Title Location Years
WL Judit Green Natural Resource Specialist III Austin 30
LE Aida Hinton Administrative Assistant IV Houston 30
IF Elmer H. Glenewinkel Natural Resource Specialist IV San Marcos 25
WL John M. Davis Manager V Austin 25
WL Sean E. Willis Natural Resource Specialist III Austin 25
CM Bruce R. Biermann Manager IV Austin 25
HR Maria R. Sullivan Accountant VI Austin 25
SR Jeannie Muñoz Poor Manager III Austin 20
LE Ava Sumners Administrative Assistant IV Lufkin 20
LE Merry L. Schwarz Administrative Assistant IV Abilene 20
IF Charles C. Bonds Director IV Austin 20
CF James M. Felts Fish and Wildlife Technician Corpus Christi 20
FR Tammy L. Dunham Manager V Austin 20
HR Yaddira M. Careaga Human Resources Specialist IV Austin 20