Commission Agenda Item No. 7
Presenter: Lance Robinson

Oyster Mariculture Program
Relating to House Bill 1300
November 7, 2019

I.      Executive Summary:  With this item, the staff seeks to brief the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission (Commission) on the issues surrounding the development of cultivated oyster mariculture on the Texas coast.

II.     Discussion:  During the 86th Regular Session, the Texas Legislature passed House Bill 1300 which was subsequently signed into law by Governor Abbott.  The bill provided the authority to the Commission to create a cultivated oyster mariculture program along the Texas coast.  The staff has been working to develop a framework that includes the various options that could be considered when developing an oyster mariculture program.  Key elements include but are certainly not limited to:  location siting, marking, harvest, and reporting requirements. The staff will brief the Commission on the progress to date in identifying these key elements and options as well as the timeline to have oyster mariculture program rules in place prior to the August 31, 2020 rule adoption deadline established in the legislation.