Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission

November 3-4, 2021, Commission Meeting


Donations of $500 or More for November 3-4, 2021 Acknowledged by the Commission
Donor Detail & Purpose of Donation *Amount
Astrid Kaufman One SeaBotix ROV (Serial No. LBV1007095) to be used for the Artificial Reef Monitoring Program. $38,000.00
Ed Rainwater Sea Center Texas Flounder Production Program $500.00
Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation Wrap for TPWD outreach trailer, tent, flags, bobbers, photo props, and table throw. All items co-branded with TPWD/TFFC/TakeMeFishing/RBFF $5,961.33
Eisenhower Yacht Club Hobie Kayaks 2 Mirage Sport Model, 2 Mirage Revolution 13 model and 1 Mirage Outback model. $2,500.00
Friends of Huntsville State Park One Torrent II Blower for Huntsville State Park $8,200.00
Lone Star Land Steward Awards Private Lands Program $25,000.00
Christopher Jones Contribution to the Lifetime License Endowment Fund $500.00
Sally Sughroue One 8ft Victory Inlay Memorial Bench for Goose Island State Park $1,455.42
MT7 Ranch Staff time by MT7 staff and interns baiting and banding mourning doves to assist TPWD in achieving local mourning dove banding quotas $1,963.59
Woodbury's Taxidermy Taxidermy services provided for Texas Grand Slam $3,350.00
Sabine River Authority of Texas To support TPWD's post release monitoring of alligator snapping turtles at the North Toledo Bend Wildlife Management Area $50,000.00
Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation-Gear Up For Game Wardens Fifteen coolers and one UTV windshield, and One Cargo Mate Utility Trailer (VIN No. 5NHUEH019NY088501) $17,600.00
Roxanne Hernandez "The Hidden Forest" a framed, custom art piece composed of 1000 individually cut and shaped wood pieces, including 17 different species of wood. $2,500.00
Maximus Operating LTD One 2021 Honda (SXS520M2M) $13,072.30
Total $170,602.64

*Estimated value used for goods and services

In official recognition of the adoption of this resolution in a lawfully called public meeting of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission, we hereby affix our signatures this 4th day of November, 2021.