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Alligator Farmers

Alligator Farmer Permit: Authorizes a person to hold one or more live alligators in captivity for commercial purposes including the selling of alligator eggs, hide, meat or other parts of an alligator.

Alligator Import Permit: Entitles person to import alligators into Texas (including alligator eggs or alligator parts). Available at all license sale locations.

Alligator Export Permit: Authorizes a farmer to export live alligators. Available at the J.D. Murphee WMA Port Arthur Office.


Alligator Nuisance Control

Nuisance Control Permittees are allowed to contract directly with landowners for the removal of nuisance alligators. The permittee is allowed to retain captured alligators and process or sell them. Prospective permittees will be required to attend a training course and pass an exam to assess their knowledge of proper alligator control techniques.

The complainant shall first contact the Law Enforcement Communication Center in Austin 512-389-4848, who will issue the complainant a case number, assuming the situation is not determined to be an emergency. Emergency situations will be handled by TPWD Law Enforcement personnel and certain circumstances in which the NCP will respond. NOTE: A permittee shall not respond to a nuisance alligator complaint without first receiving the case number from the complainant. If the complainant does not have a case number, the nuisance control permittee shall refer the complainant to the Law Enforcement Communication Center in Austin 512-389-4848.

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