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"The Caddo Exhibit"

300x227 Caddo home map From panel 4The Caddo exhibit is organized into five thematic panels and a park locator panel. Each thematic panel features a large photo of a historic Caddo individual against a map backdrop of the Caddo homeland. The title and topic of each panel is featured at the top, over a photo of thatching from the side of a traditional Caddo house.

Each panel features three paragraphs and photos corresponding to time periods in Caddo history:

  • Pre-historic – Information from archaeology and oral histories
  • Historic – Information from early explorers and government documents
  • Modern – Information from the living Caddo themselves.

The exhibit highlights the complex yet flexible nature of Caddo society and their skill as diplomats and politicians.

"The Caddo" Exhibit Panels:

  1. Where Do We Get Our Information?
  2. Collaboration and Community
  3. Health and Disease
  4. Gathering to Trade and Celebrate
  5. War and Diplomacy
  6. at Texas State Parks

"The Caddo" Exhibit Curriculum

Cover of Caddo Connections

Caddo Connections is a curriculum guide for 4th – 7th grades supporting The Caddo, a traveling exhibit produced by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Caddo Connections was written to complement the exhibit and can be a valuable teaching tool as you explore the Caddo native peoples with your students.

The Caddo Connections guide is written to support The Caddo exhibit by providing educators with TEKS-based lessons and activities that help students gain a more complete understanding of the exhibit, and ultimately Caddo culture. The guide is divided into four main sections:

  • Before Viewing the Exhibit — Lessons and activities to prepare students for viewing  The Caddo.
  • Viewing the Exhibit — Includes a reproducible for students to use as they view The Caddo.
  • After Viewing the Exhibit — Lessons and activities to enrich knowledge gained from  The Caddo.
  • Living on the Land — An outdoor activity is also included and can be used outside on the playground or at a local park.

Each section provides educators with a goal, objectives, TEKS and procedure for instruction. An annotated copy of the exhibit panels includes key questions, Web resources and labels for each time period represented. Reproducible student handouts (labeled with SH) are included in each section. The guide concludes with valuable resources for educators.