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Regional Information


  • Make an Armadillo K-2 Art: Students use corrugated cardboard to make this eye-catching craft.
  • Multiplying Armadillos Grade 4 Math: Students use a chart and multiply by 4 to determine how many armadillos one female can produce after a certain number of litters.
  • Dinosaur Division Grade 4 Math: Students compare the weight of dinosaurs with the weight of cars.
  • Fun Activities for Prairies and Lakes (Student version)

  • Color Prairies and Lakes Animals. Simple coloring pages of animals found in Prairies and Lakes. These are web pages. Choose "Print Friendly" at the top for best results when printing.

Additional Resources

    Field Trip Destinations

    Visit a State Park in Prairies and Lakes
    Explore a Wildlife Management Area in Prairies and Lakes