State Parks

Construction and maintenance of trails, trimming vegetation, species identification and recording

Removal of exotic plants on the parks nature trail

  • Remove non-indigenous plants from the eco-system
  • Learn plant identification & natural relationships within plant communities

Rebuild footbridge

  • Utilize math skills & gain valuable hands-on light construction

Documentation of dinosaur tracks

  • Clean tracks
  • Erosion control
  • Stabilization of site

Help create teacher's packet

(See suggested contents included in this guide)

Develop brochure on the how-to of Low Impact Camping and its benefits

Research history of land use of this park prior to its acquisition and development

  • Research importance of local industry to development of area & park
  • Learn historical research techniques
  • See how historical use of resources can effect modern-day resource management

Develop kiosk for trails

  • conduct research
  • design kiosk
  • construction


  • Development of a kiosk that informs park visitors of potential flooding danger or dangers specific to that park
  • Research history of past floods to the area and their effect on the region

Development of Nature Trail

(A school group could become part of this project by taking charge of one specific task)

  • Marking and finding best places for trail to go
  • Plant identification and recording
  • Habitat identification
  • Production of brochure for trail
  • Collect data on birds that visit park during what seasons of the year and develop an identification key
  • Set mammal traps to assist park in identification of animals common to area
  • Identify species that live in river
  • No end to possibilities
  • Develop a master plan for completion of project

Wildscape Development and Maintenance

  • Soil preparation
  • Research on native plants and other plants acclimated to the area
  • Planting of wildscape
  • Weeding and upkeep
  • Develop signs with plant identification
  • Map of wildscape with plant species identified

"The options here are wide open" Comment made by Park Ranger