Texas: The State of Water Videos

Texas Parks and Wildlife's documentaries explore the rich diversity of the Gulf's unique ecology, diverse flora and fauna and important habitats.

Finding a Balance Video, narrated by Walter Cronkite
Watch the Finding a Balance Video
Finding a Balance

This one-hour documentary explores how the growing demand for water will grow dramatically over years to come, and weighs the impact that growth will have on the state. The documentary shows how the steps we take, or don’t take, will impact Texas and its people, wildlife and economic vitality for future generations.

Watch,Texas Parks and Wildlife’s Finding a Balance.

The State of Flowing Waters Video
Watch the State of Flowing Waters video
Flowing Water

This one-hour documentary examines the threats facing Texas’ rivers and streams and what can be done to protect our most precious natural resource.

Watch Texas Parks and Wildlife’s The State of Flowing Water.

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