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Joe Pool Lake

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Lake Characteristics

Location: In Tarrant, Ellis, and Dallas Counties four miles south of Grand Prairie on Mountain Creek, a tributary of the Trinity River
Surface area: 6,469 acres
Maximum depth: 75 feet
Impounded: 1986

Water Conditions

Current Lake Level
Conservation Pool Elevation: 522 ft. msl
Fluctuation: 2-4 feet annually
Normal Clarity: Clear (near the dam) to stained

Reservoir Controlling Authority

US Army Corps of Engineers
PO Box 872
Cedar Hill, Texas 75104
(972) 299-2227

Aquatic Vegetation

Hydrilla and small stands of American pondweed are found throughout the lake

Predominant Fish Species

Lake Records
Current Fishing Report
Stocking History
Latest Survey Report

Lake Maps

Lake maps are available at the Corps of Engineers office in Cedar Hill (972) 299-2227. State park maps are available at Cedar Hill State Park. City park maps are available at the Lynn Creek and Lloyd Park headquarters (see access page).

Fishing Regulations

This reservoir has special regulations on some fishes. See bag and size limits for this lake.

Angling Opportunities

Largemouth bass are the most popular sport fish in the reservoir. The slot length limit is designed to encourage harvest of the smaller bass. White bass, white crappie and channel catfish are also popular with anglers.

Species Poor Fair Good Excellent
Largemouth Bass     yes  
Catfish     yes  
Crappie     yes  
White Bass     yes  
Fishing Cover/Structure

The upper third of both arms of Joe Pool Lake is covered with the timber that was left in the lake when it filled. The lower end was cleared, but several large marked brush piles were constructed prior to filling. Numerous flooded stock ponds, bridges, road beds, and other features were left as structure when the lake was built. Hydrilla is found throughout the lake, especially near the dam.

Tips & Tactics

Largemouth bass are often found associated with hydrilla, pondweed, and underwater structural features. Crappie fishing is good under the bridges that cross the two arms of the lake and white bass school in the lower portion of the lake. Find channel catfish near the creek channels.